First Month of Scheduled Mini Projects – Success or Failure?

The first month of this yearly venture can be described both as a failure and a success. On the one hand, I did not finish any of my projects, which can constitute a failure. On the other hand, I made progress on all of my projects, which can constitute success. So, which is it?

Progress Assessment
Making for Fun: V’s Coloring Book. (4/5) I missed one week because I was desperately trying to finish the sketchbook project. I planned to make up for it that weekend, but then life happened and I didn’t get to it.
Business: Unknown. (5/5) I managed to work at least on something every single Tuesday to make progress on this goal, even though I had no clear plans for it when I started.
Learning: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. (3/5) I missed 2 out of the 5 weeks. The first miss happened because I was playing Broken Age. This is a lame excuse but I was really excited about that game, I couldn’t stop playing it. The second time I was super tired and I think the option of drawing my hand scared me, so I think this one counts as procrastination.
Organize my Life: Black hole o’ stuff. (2/5) I only worked on this one two weeks out of the 5. The 1st week was weird in general because we were at home, so it was hard to have a routine. The 4th week I got distracted by the garage on Monday (because falling things were driving me nuts) and that took a lot of energy out of me, so I counted that as personal organization, even though it’s another month’s project. The 5th week I had a sushi dinner with the Sony girls and postponed it for the weekend but then I didn’t do anything because it was my birthday.

About Finishing -or Not-
Making for Fun: V’s Coloring Book. I couldn’t finish mostly because I couldn’t find the right cardboard for the cover of the book. I have until March 15th to finish, so I can do it as extra work next month.
Business: Unknown. There was no clear goal, so the fact that I made progress each week means I completed this monthly project.
Learning: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I never thought I would finish this book in a month, which is why it’s on the schedule twice. I did think I could make more progress, but the lessons took longer than I had originally planned. Lesson for the future: drawing is slow!
Organize my Life: Black hole o’ stuff. This project turned out to be completely overwhelming and a lot bigger than I had originally thought. We have way too much paper, and organizing it means making a lot of decisions. We need to finish this project ASAP; we keep losing important papers because we don’t have clear organization for them. I will piggy back on the “Hanging Folders” and the “Home Management Binder” projects to finish clearing out the paper clutter.

Field Notes
• I assumed that the most common reason for skipping would be procrastination, but most of the time it was not. This makes me happy.
• I tend to enjoy some projects more than others, which means some days I look forward to what I’m working on that day and some days I don’t. Some of these projects are not meant to be fun but good for me. I thought that by cutting down the amount of time I had to focus on the non-fun projects each week, it might be easier to get them done. I still think this is somewhat true, but I feel a lot of resistance when having to work on these projects.
• I want to come up with a plan for what happens when I don’t finish the project in the allotted time. Do I want to start the new month with the project that corresponds to that month and leave the unfinished project for my free time? Would I rather finish the project and start a new one once it’s done even if I don’t finish at the end of a month? Can I work on two projects a month so I can get the project from the month before done? I need to think about this.
• My main goal this year was to make significant progress on all my projects. With that in mind, January was a success: I made a significant amount of progress on each of these projects. Success!

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